Those of you who know me or follow my Instagram account would realise that I am BIG on self-care and love sharing about the skincare products I adore. From a young age, my Mother taught me the benefits of buying quality skin- and bodycare products and prioritising my morning and evening skincare routines. I cleanse and lotion from head to toe every single day and I never go to bed without thoroughly removing my makeup. I also wear a moisturiser with sun protection and since my late twenties have been using anti-aging products to maintain my skin's youthfulness. As part of both my skin- and bodycare journey NIVEA has been there all the way; so naturally, when NIVEA announced they were searching for ten ladies to become their NIVEA Skinfluencers for a year, I simply had to enter!

Tomorrow is the announcement of the Top 20 finalists so, please keep your fingers crossed and uncross them just long enough to head over to the NIVEA Skinfluencer competition site and "like" my video entry.

Thank you so much for your support - I appreciate it!

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